This year’s ME THE TIGER-related fundraising initiatives for the benefit of Musikhjälpen (Music Aid) 2013 yielded an impressive 13 500 SEK where…
…8000 SEK came from our fundraising party together with LokomotivHPE, The Sensitives and Third Brother.
…5500 SEK came from the auction of the handmade and refurbished “tiger armchairs” crafted by Lena / Falu Tapetserarverkstad and designed by Bella in ME THE TIGER.

So we “beat our record” of 9100 SEK from last year! Many thanks to everyone of you who helped us do this.


mtt-musikhjalpenMusikhjälpen (Swedish version of Serious Request) is a fundraising event where the money goes to a hidden humanitarian disaster. Musikhjälpen is a collaboration between P3 Sveriges Radio, SVT and Radiohjälpen. The theme for 2012 was “All children have the right to clean water” and this cause touched ME THE TIGER for many reasons. One is that ME THE TIGER member Tobias visited Palestine in the summer of 2012 and saw the disaster with his own eyes. ME THE TIGER started their own fundraising, between 2012/11/28 and 2012/12/13, where they made custom painted Dalecarlia horses in pink/black tiger pattern. The Dalecarlia horses, in various sizes, and a canvas bag and a gig were auctioned out. All together we managed to raise 9 100 SEK (approximately 1 100 euros) and were sent in its entirety to Musikhjälpen. Musikhjälpen raised the amazing amount of 23 301 823 SEK. ME THE TIGER would like to thank Bilda and Grannas for the great help. Media: SVT GävleDala, SR P4 Dalarna